Why You Should Keep Camphor Away from Baby Clothes and Away From Them Entirely

This is might sound a little strong, but please bear in mind its for your own benefit and the safety of your new born / infant. If you have a newborn baby, avoid camphor around them and even on their clothes



If you have a new born, don’t wear clothes that have Camphor or its scent around your babies, especially while carrying them. The reason is that Camphor is linked to jaundice in some newborn babies


For a brief explanation, Jaundice is yellow coloration of their skin and eyes because of overproduction of bilirubin. Studies reveal that Jaundice can cause brain damage, and here is how



Our red cells contain hemoglobin, this is what helps carry the oxygen from your lungs to other places. When red blood cells are broken down, this haemoglobin is broken down to bilirubin. When this gets to the liver, they are combined with a compound that makes them less harmful



Some babies, mostly male babies may lack an enzyme called G6PD, this deficiency is inherited and common in Africans



It helps protect the red cells from damage and when it’s lacking, the cells break down easily. Exposing them to camphor can rapidly breakdown their blood cells


Also, babies have a special kind of red blood cells at birth that have a short life span. They also have low concentrations of that binding substance in the liver. Now camphor may increase the breakdown of these red blood cells causing an increase in bilirubin



Because this bilirubin is not bound, it enters into the blood stream, this is what colors the eyes and the skin of the baby yellow. If it gets too high, it may get into the brain of that baby, this can lead to seizures, drowsiness, poor feeding or sucking, abnormal cries



Most people say that putting babies under the sun can help reduce jaundice, but because of the risk of burning them or increasing their temperature to risky levels, it is no longer recommended. If you suspect your baby has jaundice, see a pediatrician Share this to educate someone.

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