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top female enhancement pill

What is the Best Female Enhancement Pill?

The best female enhancement pill is Provestra because, like hersolution, it is a doctor endorsed supplement made using a unique proprietary mix of herbs, nutrients and aphrodisiacs that act gently and naturally to correct hormonal imbalances that may interfere with your interest and enjoyment in sexual and life activities, making it the female Viagra alternative with no side effects

Provestra Can Help You Feel Sexy From The Inside

Ever wondered how you could perform or please your man like female adult stars like Allie Haze or Kleio Valentien? Or do you simply just wonder how women your age just seem to be active, happy and about while you are bloomy all the time and dread sex whenever your man calls for it?

Reality check, in order to keep and make your man happy you need to be sexual because men are sexual creatures who don’t want sex but need it. That’s why a man can sleep with a woman he met 5 minutes ago, sex for men is wired as sport due to their innate nature to reproduce.

So can you keep up? If not, i will review the best pills that can help you relieve your youth again

According to Ayurveda health, lack of sex can lead to deep seated unhappiness and frustration. It can breed anger and violence particularly in men, more often creating depression and anxiety in women.

As we age our sexual drive and desires naturally tend to reduce at an alarming level.

Female Enhancement Pills Reviews

Hyperacitve Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD) or Female Sexual Arousal Disorder is one of the most prevalent types of sexual dysfunction amongst women of all ages, and yes Sexual Dysfuncton is a thing common with women also. 1

According to a study from WebMd “nearly one third of women aged 18-59 suffer from a loss of interest in sex”. Furthermore, unlike men’s issues like erectile dysfunction which can be treated easily with Male Enhancement Pills, women’s sexual problems like low sexual desire usually needs a combination of mostly mental and physical factors which most female supplements like Flibanserim, Femigor, natural female libido enhancer black panther pill, kangaroo pill, zygasn female libido booster and lady era which is sold as female viagra cannot give. 2

Research also shows that sexual dysfunction is common, although 43% of women and 31% of men report some level of difficulty. Do you as a woman experience the following

  1. Loss of sexual desire or love sex drive
  2. Chronic anorgasmia i.e lack of orgasm or absence of climax
  3. Pains during sex with your partner as a result of problems like endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts
  4. Little or no arousal as a result of vagina dryness

Here, you are going to learn about the top female excitement pills and instant female arousal products you can buy over the counter. The products reviewed will help with

  1. Female sexual arousal disorder
  2. Vaginal lubrication
  3. Breast enhancement
  4. Aphrodisiac and
  5. Personal care

Are you ready to

  • Increase your energy, staminal and performance levels?
  • Increase libido and reduce low sex drive and enjoy better sex
  • Relive your youthful years?
  • Get rid of menstrual cramps, hot flashes etc

If yes, lets dive into the pills and creams that can help you

Provestra – The # 1 Natural Female Viagra Best Alternative

For the Woman who doesn’t just want Sex but wants to Enjoy Sex.
  • The # 1 doctor recommended female enhancement pill that works fast to dramatically increase a woman’s desire for sex
  • Provestra meets the highest pharmaceutical safety standards for a non-prescription drug
  • Also, Provestra is rich in Iron which is necessary to regulate heavy menstrual period and to help with anemia which is a cause of lack of libido in women due to the loss of iron during menstruation.

Of all the female enhancer products reviewed, Provestra is the only one that can be called a female excitement pill because it contains “Theobromine” the feel good hormone found in cocoa which is used in making chocolate. Like caffiene, theobromine is a mild stimulant that gives you an extra burst of energy ad awareness but does not leave you with the jittery or crash feeling like caffiene of other stimulants. 3


Provestra contains the best vitamanins to improve circulation, like

Vitamin A, which is proven to regulate the production of the sex hormone progesterone. 4


Vitamin C, for the synthesis of androgen and estrogen. 5


Vitamin E, which helps to reduce the toxic effects of excess estrogen, studies also show that vitamin E helps reduce vaginal dryness and relief hot flashes. 6


Vitamin B Complex, for the maintainance of a healthy sex drive

Provestra also contains plant food that increase blood flow like


Ginkgo Biloba, used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousand of years to boost sexual function through increased blood flow to every part of the body especially the brain and genitals.


Ginger root, another blood circulatory ingredient highly mentioned in Karma Sutra, proven to make your erogenous zones hypersensitive.

Finally Provestra also contains other herbs like

  • L-Arginine
  • Indole-3-carbinol
  • Damaina Leaf
  • Black Cohosh root
  • Red Raspberry
  • Licorice Root
  • Valerian Root
  • Kudzu
  • Folic Acid
  • Biotin
  • Calcuim Carbonate
  • Zinc

All of which have been clinically formulated and endorsed to help you achieve

  1. Quicker and easier arousals
  2. Increase sex drive and energy
  3. More sensitivity and responsiveness
  4. Better lubrication

Overall, Provestra is totally safe with no side-effects.


What i don’t like about Provestra

Over 21 ingredients can be to much in my opinion because our body systems handle ingredients differently, what might be a problem for you may not be for me. So with this much ingredients there is bound to be one one rogue ingredient your body may react to.

Of course with the exception of some super humans, whose body can tolerate almost anything. But the good news is there isn’t any known or documented side effects so far

  1. Greatly recognized and recommended by the medical community as an all natural female enhancement supplement for relieving menopausal symptoms, inceasing sexual interest and increasing the chances of orgasm
  2. Doctors now recommend Provestra and other natural herbal remedies instead of over the counter pharmaceutical or prescription drugs
  3. A whole range of studies has proven more and more that natural remedies like Provestra give better results with no known harmful side effects
  4. Can help you feel tremendously different and much happier
  1. The formula may be to much for some body systems to handle or cope with, but this is my personal opinion, from studies and experience after a week or two of use any potential side effects goes away completely
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HerSolution Pill The Natural Women’s Libido Enhancer

hersolution pill
For the Woman who wants to Satisfy her Man and be Satisfied also.
  • HerSolution is also a doctor endorsed female Viagra alternative without any side effects you would get from using most generic Viagra tablets which may include Slidenafil a banned ingredient by the FDA
  • It’s 100% safe, made from clinically tested and approved ingredients and herbs like
  • Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 which helps increase blood flow to the vagina as well as improving blood circulation to other parts of the body especially the brain for heightened pleasure
  • Hop Extract (Flower) Although well known as a herbal remedy for insomnia, it has been discovered that hops has the ability to lubricate the vagina thereby useful against Vaginal Dryness to give better sexual performance and enjoyment.
  • Mucuna Pruiens, dubbed as the king of dopamines has longed been used as an aphrodisiac, this herb is a natural source of L-Dopa which triggers pleasure chemicals in the brain which has significant impact on sexual function and responsiveness. The result of this is increased libido, weight loss, promotes fertility and also can work as an antidepressant.
  • Epimedium Sagitattum, Horny goat weed herbal complex extract for men popularly known for it’s aphrodisiac properties for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine is also known to be an excellent choice for relieving menopausal symptoms in women.


Furthermore, this herb increases nitric oxide levels which relaxes the cervical muscles to allow for more blood flow to the clitoris thereby increase sex drive, pleasure and orgasms

Cayenne Pepper, not only is this herb useful in the kitchen as a spice to flavour your dishes, cayenne pepper als has sexual benefits as the heat it produces helps increase blood flow and overall circulation to your genitals, thereby promoting healthy sex organs and tissues which will give you greater orgasms and more vaginal lubrication for better sexual pleasure for you and your man. 7


What i don’t like about HerSolution

This shouldn’t really be an issue, but i feel HerSolution Pill’s formula is to basic and may nor be as effective compared to other supplements in it’s category.

Although simple is always better and appearances can be decieving, it’s never best to judge a book by it’s cover. The customer reviews and doctors endorsement speaks a lot, so it’s a great product for you

  1. Great if you want to amplify your sensations and make orgasm much more intense
  2. Good for quick and easy arousal
  3. Increases sex drive and energy
  4. Can help you feel soaked all through sex and immerse you into it
  1. If you have a very strong body system like some who don’t really feel the effects of medicine, this product might not do much for you
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Boost For Her Natural Female Sexual Enhancement Pill

boost for her
For the Woman who wants to bring back the Lost Fire in her Bedroom & Relationship.
  • Boost For Her is a top selling female supplement on Amazon, used by lots of women as a testoterone & libido booster. Also it helps increase stamina, boosts energy levels and sex drive as well as lubricate the vaginal
  • Highly effective estrogn booster with no side effects
  • Made from the finest well know herbs that have been discovered for thousands of years whose properties and effects have been tested and proven to
  • Bring back your sexual prowess in just a couple of weeks of use, get ready to always be in the mood to have sex with your partner. Get more energy, feel rejuvenated or younger and have the ability to be able to turn on and off your arousal at will
  • Increase your sex drive, get improved sexual performance for a better relationship with your partner
  • Sex with your man shouldn’t always be about pleasing him, you also need to be pleases, so surprise yourself and your partner with multiple orgasms with Boost For Her female arousal enhancer pill today
  • Say goodbye to vaginal dryness, the herbs used in this formula will suppl you with constant supply of vaginal fluids making you extremely wet during sex with your partner
  • 100% money back guarantee, if you are not pleased with this female enhancing pill within 30 days, you get a full refund.


Here are the ingredients that makes Herbal Revival Boost For Her Magic Pill for women testoterone booster for women better than supplements like Pink Unicorn Pill Ultimate Female Sexual Enhancer.

Ginseng, the peruvian herb best known for it’s aphrodisiac and stress reducing properties, is used for the enhancement of your vitality and improvement of sex drive. 8


Ginkgo Biloba, this powerful blood circulatory herb will help increase your sexual desire and arousal level by increasing blood flow to your genitals


Tongkat Ali, known to some as Longjack, well known for it’s testoterone boosting function will help you increase stamina in bed so you can match your man’s performance or better still outpeform him. 9


Tribulus, popular herb among althletes and bodybuilders, is also a good addition for natural libido boosting for women. 10


Gotu Kola, great stress, anxiety and depression reducing herb will help boost your libido as these health issues are some of the causes of low libido. 11


  1. Can help you get super wet in notime
  2. Experience orgasm more times than you have before
  3. Can calm you easily, giving you a more laid back approach
  4. Time tested and proven ingredients
  1. Limited information available
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Verdict on the Best Female Pill to Use & Why?

So which is the Best Female Enhancement Pill?

The best enhancement pill for females is Provestra because apart from it dealing with the issues that affect your sexual health,it is also very good for your overall health and happiness as it can help you cope with the day to day hasses of life, keep you balanced and focused. Ultimately it will make you feel younger.

But if you just want a pill to turn you on or for instant arousal to enjoy mind blowing sex then HerSolution Pill is very good.

If you are on a budget but still want to enjoy a great sex life, then Boost For Her will be just fine

Top 3 Female Enhancement Creams

Tired of taking both prescription and over the counter pills alike? I can understand how you feel really because there’s always that ne herb or ingredient in those products your body system reacts to, for me i can list a couple of herbs i react to.

Anyways what if i tell you that you do not need to take female excitement or libido enhancer pills and still get the same or if not better benefits and results, would you be interested?

If yes, how you may ask. By using female enhancement creams, like men who have the option of using male enhancement creams for erections, premature ejaculation and orgasm enhancement, you can also enjoy increased sex drive, instant arousal, vaginal lubrication, more sensitivity and responsiveness by using products topically and not orally.

Here are some of the best female enhancement creams available in the market today

Vigorelle The All Natural Body Cream For Women

vigorelle cream
For the Woman who wants to get back that Lost Passion.
  • The best doctor recommended water based all natural lubricant and sex enhancer to give you those special moments you have always desired
  • It’s time to get back all the great sex you have lost
  • Vigorelle will help you feel sext and alive once again. Become not just better but an extraordinary sexual woman whom your husband would love and cherish. In case you didn’t know, men need and love sex, but love a very sexual woman more


Most importantly, it’s not just about pleasing your man, but also about having the best sexual experiences of your life moving forward

You don’t need a pill to turn a woman on if you don’t want, Vigorelle offers you a safe and even more better option, a velvetly smooth tasty cream which gives you instant results, no waiting for minutes, hours, days or weeks to feel the effect.

Just apply and get straight into action

The two biggest problems that affects a woman’s sex life are

Stress from responsiblities at home, family, career and social life. Vigorelle helps by reducing and helping you cope with such stress and also in the process, renews your sexual interest and increases the intensity of your arousals to give you maximum sexual pleasure


Vaginal dryness is also a major problem that affects women’s sex health, especially women who have hit their menopause. Vigorelle helpswomen put on a velvelty texture that created a tingling sensation that triggers arousal an stimulates your vagina’s natural lubrication, leaving you soaking wet.


Your man might just ejaculate sooner than he expected

Vigorelle is made from remedies to arouse a woman instantly like


L-Arginine HCL, an amino acid to increase circulation by opening the blood vessels in your genital area when applied


Ginkgo Biloba, to aid moisture absorption in the outer layers of your skin an sooth any irritations. Also works as a natural antibiotic, the female genital is very sensitive and prone to infections, so this can come in handy


Wild Yam, to help stimulate and balance your hormones. 12


Damaina Leaf, very good for reviving or restoring chronic loss of sexual power. 13


Suma root, for stamina and balance. 14


Peppermint leaf, to help increase the absorption rate of the other ingredients or herbs through the cell membranes. 15


Vitamin A, C & E complex


Hyaluronic acid


Aloe vera gel

The above last 3 ingredients are full of nutrients needed for healthy rebuilding of tissues and also adds useful nutrients needed by the body for better blood flow and circulation.

Ready To Try? Learn More About Vigorelle Cream Now!!!

HerSolution Gel Female Lubricating Cream Seen On The Doctor

hersolution gel
For the Woman who wants to spice up her Sex Life even more.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars accrding to 124 reviews in Natural Health Source‘s 2012 Female Enhancement Review.

HerSolution Gel is clinically formulated and doctor approved to

  1. Increase lubrication to stop vaginal dryness
  2. Increase blood flow for more sexual desire
  3. Intensify sensation for more sex drive
  4. Assist in achieving full body climax for more orgasms


HerSolution Gel’s biggest strength is in lubricating the vagina, when your body just isn’t cooperating, you might see it as a mental problem, but not really so because vaginal dryness is mostly caused by physical factors like

  1. Using birth control pills
  2. Child bearing especially after 2 kids
  3. Breast feeding
  4. Various medical conditions
  5. Use of hormone replacement therapy
  6. Hysterectomy
  7. When you reach the age of menopause
  8. Use of medications
  9. Smoking
  10. Poor diet
  11. High stress level
  12. Insomnia or lack of sleep

Have you experienced vaginal dryess for more than a couple of days, months or even years? HerSolution Pills and Gel is the solution.

Made from the finest clinically approved ingredients which is also of spa quality formulation, it does not include parabens, glycerinor silicone like the regular drugstore lubes. Also it is

  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Non-sticky

HerSolution Gel’s instant arousal effect will give you the rush or stimulation you feel when being kissed by someone you really desire, that yummy warm, sensational in your belly intense feel of preparedness

It’s no news that most of the persona care lubricants sold over the counter today contain sythentic ingredients that are harmful to your health and can cause infertility. Even some manufacturers who claim to use 100% natural ingredients still put some harmful ingredients they do not disclose in their marketing materials.

HerSolution has gone through rigorous clinical testings and has been approved by the medical community as safe for use. It contains natural botanical extracts like

  1. Olive squalane
  2. Shea butter
  3. Cocoa butter
  4. Aloe vera extract
  5. L-Arginine
  6. Citric Acid
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Total Curve The Best Breast Enlargement Pill & Cream

total curve
For a Natural Breast Life with no Surgery required.
  • For the Woman who wants to get back her Sexy Curves Naturally
  • Total curve is a 2 part day to day breast enhancement therapy system that does not only work externally but also internally to firm and tone your breasts to make it look perky, fuller and pointy
Total Curve Daily Supplements

This is the foundation of the total curve 2 part system, the daily supplements is made from naturally safe phytoestrogens which mimics the estrogen actions in the breast tissues to lift and make your breasts firmer and fuller

The Total Curve Bust Supplement also includes a variet of nutrients, antioxidants and herbs that have been tested and proven to

  • Balance hormones
  • Reduce symptoms of PMS & Menopause
  • Increase sex drive
  • Overcome vaginal dryness


While also promoting overall breast health. The formula includes

Buckwheat leaves/flowers, which contains antioxidants called rutin known for strengthening the capillaries and improving circulation. It also contains bioflavoniods which contributes to collagen production whch is very good for improving bust size and shape


Fennel seed, one of the most potent and safe phytoestrogen source next to fenugreek, which helps balance the female hormones thereby making it very good for treating issue like PMS, Menstrual disorder, Cramps and other menopausal symptoms. 16

Fennel seed is also a Galactogogue like fenugreek and have been used by mothers to increase their breast milk production and it has also been proven to promote the growth of breast tissues


Don Quai root 17, also popularly known as the female ginseng, it is rich in progesterone production, a female hormone which is similar to phytoestrogens and useful in breast formation and development. 18


Damaina leaf, although commonly used as a sex stimulant or tonic for both men and women, studies show that Damaina is one of the highest progesterone binding herb which is useful in the development of breast tissues and likewise the production of milk


Blessed Thistle, similar to Damaina, blessed thistle is highly effective for balancing the female hormones, also has properties that can help repair damaged collagen and is a galactogogue like fennel seed for breast milk production. 19


Hops, although best known as a beer ingredient, it is also a natural phytoestrogen source used for various women health issues. It promotes lactation and breast growth


Watercress leaves/shoots, studies conducted by the university of southamptom reveals watercress to be a very good women and breast health herb.


Black Cohosh root, one of the most powerful phytoestrogen producing herb which has been proven to treat many female related issues like menstrual disorders, PMS, cramps etc, it can help reduce the effects of lack of estrogen


Wild Yam, a natural source of a phytoestrogen known as diosgerin which is a good alternative for hormone replacement therapy in dealing with symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness etc. Wild yam is also good for boosting sex drive in men and woman and has also been known to be effectve for breast enlargement


Total Curve Lifting & Firming Gel

The 2nd part of the breast enhancement therapy system, rubbing this gel on the breast will deliver vital cell growth action directly to your breast tissues and in the next 60 days if used daily you would experience natural breast growth.

This is possible because of a secret ingredient called Volufiline which has been clinically tested and proven to increase bust size by up to 8.4% in 60 days or less

Total curve bust cream also contains natural skin care plants or herbs that improves the absorption and effectiveness of Volufiline unto the breast tissues


How to useApply a little layer of the cream on each breast twice daily and gently massage until fully absorbed



During sex with your man, you can have him rub the cream on your breasts during foreplay. This will increase the effectiveness because your breasts will be very stimulated




Volulifine, a newly discovered ingredient which consists of sarsasapogenin, a steriodal sapogenin which triggers adipose cells in the body to divide and grow. It also stimulates lipogenesis i.e it interacts with the breast tissues causing the breast to grow in size and volume for a more fuller and perkier look. 20


Aloe vera extract, best known for its skin care and burns healing properties, it is a strong anti-aging plant that penetrates the skin deeply, nourishes and renews cells. 21


Bearberry extract, rich in antioxidants, great for treating various skin conditions and sometimes used as a sun screen. Bearberry can increase the value of cell renewalin the breast causing growth. 22


Algae extract, a sea plant rich in vitamins and minerals that softens and smoothens the skin by it’s moisture trapping properties. Highly effective fr treating skin infections as well as helping the skin maintain a youthful looks, this will help keep your breast supple and smooth. 23


Mango butter, used for it’s skin softening, soothing, moisturizing and protective qualities. It can also help restore skin suppleness while protecting the cells in the breast tissues from damage. 24


Vitamin C, used for it’s collagen synthesis which is a key protein structure of the skin


Caffiene, used for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits and also antioxidant properties as well
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Female Enhancement Frequently Asked Questions

Are female enhancement pills safe?

Yes, female enhancement pills are safe, they are made using natural ingredients from herbs and foods except for prescription pills or some shady manufacturers who claim to use natural ingredients but add hidden ingredients like slidenafil

Can you take female enhancement pills while pregnant?

No, it is never advisable to take female enhancement pills while pregnant because some of the ingredients used are not safe for pregnant women because of the properties or functions they perform

How long do female enhancement pills last?

Depending on how you use them, a 30 pill bottle, if you take 2 pills a day would last for 15 days

How long does it take for female enhancement pills to work?

Depending on the potency or formula of the enhancement pill, usually it woul take days or weeks initially for your body to assimilate tand repair itself, from then it could take just minutes or hours for it to work

What would happen if a female take male enhancement pills?

Nothing serious or bad would happen really because, most of the herbs used in male enhancement pills are or can also be used in female enhancement pills for almost the same effects because ultimately it is about increasing blood flow to the genitals to increase sex drive, stamina, energy and desire

To Good Health

Tosin Folarin
Alternative Health Consultant


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