Top 10 Male Enhancement Pills For Superior Performance...

By - Alternative Health Consultant @ Fohow International & Co-Founder of HerbMaster NG

top 10 male enhancement pills

As men age, reality kicks in, they are not the men they used to be 5 or 10 years why? Because of decline in testosterone levels

Recently also, Andropause is becoming a thing in the medical community, it’s the male version of the female menopause

So supplementation becomes necessary, then finding the right supplements to use is another entire issue on it’s own because the market is full of fakes and recently the FDA even released a list of banned Male Supplements

So i have put together a list of reputable male supplements you can consider, each of them is defined according to it’s function

Extenze Male Enhancement Pill

Extenze Male Enhancement
For the Man who wants to Enjoy Hardcore Sex Anytime
  • The second best dr recommended male enhancer pill for superior sexual performance compared to Vigrx Plus
  • With over 33.3 Million packs sold since 2006
  • Like Vigrx Plus, it also contains ingredients that can help prostrate health for men
  • Extenze has much more nitric oxide boosting herbs


Surely one of the best dick pills since time past that works for overall men’s health. The following perforance issues are a piece of cake for extenze to deal with

  1. Quick ejaculation
  2. No erections or poor erections
  3. Micro penis
  4. Lack of sex drive or low libido
  5. Lack of strength and endurance

This all natural product is so potent that pro athletes have been banned from using it because of it’s performance enhancement abilities

What makes Extenze so effective?

It delivers twice the amount of blood flow to the erectile chambers of the penis compared to others, thereby allowing the penis to give bigger, harder erections

The unique blend of ingredients not only increases blood flow to the penis, but strengthen it to make it stay harder longer

Unlike well known herbs used in other top male products, extenze formula includes some pretty unique herbs like


Ho Sho Wui, a popular herb in used Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years known and proven for it’s virility and anti-aging properties. 1


Boron, an uncommon mineral compared to the likes of magnesium, niacin, pottasium etc and has been associated with the production of testoterone in men and estrogen in women, both of which are very essential for sexual performance for all men especially the aged men. 2


Licorice root, known for its nerve calming properties which can help improve your mood and rejuvenate hormone levels


Astragalus, the # 1 immunity boosting herb omnipresent in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it can help boost the functions of the lungs, heal inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and it is great at reducing fatigue. 3


Stinging nettle, one of the most nutritive herb on the planet next to oat straw, alfafa and horsetail. It has been proven to be very good for prostrate health, according to a study, it was discovered that 81% of the guys who took part in the study were able to improve their BPH (Benign Prostrate enlargement symptoms. It is also a powerful durietic. 4


Pumpkin seed, a popular seed like flax, chai and hemp. This seed is able to increase urine flow and has been proven to be very good for prostrate and hormonal issues


What i don’t like about Extenze

You would be surprised not to see extenze as part of the top 3 products reviewed, that’s because it contains the herb Yohimbe which from research has been proven to give lots of nasty side effects.

Secondly, in addition to Yohimbe , Extenze has over 22 ingrediets which is also an overkill because Yohimbe alone is powerful enough to be used without combing with any other herb and with the additional 20 herbs added to it, this can cause breakdown for some body system

  1. Very powerful and effective for you if you have a very strong system and want something that gives you hardcore performance
  2. Can give instant results, within 10-15 mins you can get rock hard erections
  3. Great for overall men’s health both in and out of the bed
  1. Can be to much for your system to handle due to the hardcore herbs used
  2. Can make you to aggressive and unbearale for a woman in bed
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Semenax – The Semen Volume & Orgasm Enhancer Pill

Semenax semen orgasm enhancer

For the Man who wants to finish off with Longer Better Orgasm and Massive Loads of Semen.

  • The best male semen and orgasm enhancer product available in the market today without prescription.
  • Clinically reviewed by healthcare professionals with no known or documented side effects
  • Of all the products reviewed here, Semenax is the only one whose formula is targeted at increasing semen volume and orgasm during ejaculation
  • Now you can enjoy longer orgasm, experience better orgasm control and ejaculate massive loads of semen just like the adult stars


Semenax is formulated with natural nutrients and herbs that makes the male reproductive system produce semens twice as much as it would naturally. Some of these ingredients include

Epidmedium Sagittatum also know as horny goat weed, a major component in Vigrx Plus and Max Performer is also present in Semenax for increased testoterone for bigger better sperm production Swedish flower pollen used for it’s duiretic and prostrate health benefits is used in this formula because it creates biofactor which are precursors for micro nutrients and hormones needed for a healthy reproductive system. 5 L-Arginnine HCL, also a major component in Male Extra, there is a great wealth of anecdotal evidence on the clinical efficacy and acceptance of L-arginnine HCL as a sperm booster. A study carried out on 40 infertile men all of who had a normal no of spermatozia (>20mil/ML) but a decreased motility which was not due to infection or to immunological disorder recieved a treatment of 80ml of 10% L-arginnine HCL administered daily per OS for 6 months showed an improvement in the motility of their spermatozoa without any side effects. 6 L-Lysine, according to research, this is the best amino acid to use with zinc for increased sperm production L-Carnitine, another great amino acid found in higher concerntrations in healthy sperm, proven to tremendously increase the percentage of highly motile sperm, 7 What i don’t like about Semenax

The fact that it mostly contains herbs or ingredients that directly address the semen, a good addition to buy with other male supplements like Max Performer or Male Extra but at an extra cost.

Would have been better if it had other male enhancing herbs but hey! not every man is lacking in the erection and performance department, so if you feel you just need to experience more intense orgasm coupled with massive loads or you suffer from low sperm count, then go for this

  1. For better quality semen production which is beneficial for fertility
  2. Just what you need to enjoy more orgasm without the burden of loading your body with stimulants
  1. Extra cost if you need to get supplements for erections, quickejaculations etc
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ProSolution – The Top rated Male Enhancer System Potency Formula

ProSolution Pills
For the Man who wants to Experience a Truly Superior Sexual Performance
  • The # 1 doctor’s choice for an excellent male enhancing experience
  • The best underdog sex pill that has been helping men deal with sexual problems like weak erection, low sex drive and poor stamina for over 10 years
  • The only male product that gives more than just extra blood flow to the penis but also deals with both the physical and psychological aspects of sex drive and erection quality
  • While other products like Vigrx Plus, Male Extra, Max Performer & Extenze deals with a little more than nitric oxide boosting that increases blood to your penis, ProSolution pills is a truly sophisticated all round natural male virility enhancer


Here are some of the ingredients that makes ProSolution a little advanced than the rest

Butea Superba, a herb from Thai medicine which is a form of testosterone booster and aphrodisiac with the primary function boosting libido and sexual health. Clinical trials shows improvement of sexual functions, libido and quality of sexual experience in 85% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. 8

Curculigo, used for centuries in Asia by men for erection quality, sex drive and erection frequency i.e shortens the time it takes to get another erection immediately after ejaculation.9

Momordica, also known as bitter melon has been used to fight cancer, diabetes and other infectious diseases. It has also been discovered to be a powerful weapon against HIV. The wonderful benefit of this herb is that it has been shown to promote antispermatogensis which means it can act or be used as a natural contraceptive. 10

Apigenin and Amla, great citrus bioflavonoid ingredient used primarily for cancer. The pairing of both works to keep your reproductive organs working properly over the long term, this means even after you stop using this pill, you will still enjoy the benefits for a long time.

Arjunaused mostly for cardiovascular health, this ingredient is also crucial for a healthy sex life. It helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate thereby controlling the rythm of the body which is very good during sex. 11

Reishi Mushroom, hailed as the fountain of youth in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for it’s anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It is also well known for its longevity quality also. It helps increase stamina, energy levels and have been thought to lift moods and one’s sense of spirit and vitality. These are great benefits needed in the bedroom. 12

Bladderwrack, a high quality seaweed mostly found in the deep of the atlantic and pacific coasts commonly used for thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, obesity and fatigue, this makes it a good ingredient for erections and sexual health

What i don’t like about ProSolution

There’s really nothing i see wrong with this wonderful supplement except for maybe the fact that two of the ingredients used is strange to me, they are Drilizen, a proprietary compound that contains the active ingredient “protodioscin” which is used for boosting the secretion of luteinizing hormone which in turn regulates the secretion of testosterone in the testes according to a study from the school of pharmaceutical sciences, university of Malaysia

Upon further study, i discovered that this is the same function terretris tribulus performs, so it should be fine.

The other ingredient is solidilin which according to studies carried out by the school of pharmaceutical sciences (university of malaysia) contains L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine which is the pleasure giving neurotransmitter in the brain, this function is also performed by another herb called Mucuna Prieuns.

So i guess it’s equally also ok, maybe i would have just preferred if they used these well known herbs instead. But it’s fine really.

  1. A product whose formula is based on decades of medical research and influenced by centuries of naturopathy approaches worldwide
  2. Very advanced enhancing pill which is natural and safe as it also contains ingredients that are fruit extracts
  3. Works for overall men’s health and sexual health
  4. Can be used as a natural contraceptive to avoid unwanted pregnancy although the studies are not yet concrete
  5. Can help you go for more rounds of sex in one session
  1. Contains two unique ingredients which upon close study mimics the function of two well known herbs
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Viasil 100% Natural Male Enhancer Pill

Viasil 100% Natural Male Enhancer

For the man who wants to experience Swiss army style performance in the bedroom

The fastest rising European 100% natural male enhancement pill for both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Viasil can help you perform better by

  • Reducing anxiety to increase your confidence
  • Increasing energy levels and stamina to help you last longer in bed
  • Dramatically improving your penis length and girth to make you look and feel more masculine


Viasil does all this by supporting your body’s natural ATP and Mitochondria function to increase nitric oxide production which is responsible for increased vitality, stamina and continuous blood pumping for great performance

Like Max Performer, Viasil is formulated in a blue pill like Viagra, so you can enjoy the mental benefits of using a 100% natural Viagra like pill without the side effects of an actual Viagra pill

It’s a pill you only need to pop when you need to get into some action and within 30 mins you are ready to fire on all cylinders non stop

What ingredients make this happen?

Horny Goat Weed, the ever popular herb used in almost all male enhancement pill because of it’s reputation of boosting testosterone levels, heightening levels of sexual arousal and desire

Zinc, the best mineral for sperm production which leads to more intense and longer lasting ejaculations

Citrus Sinensis, responsible for helping your body use ATP and Mitochondria functions to give you lots of energy when you need it

Ginkgo Biloba, another commonly used herbs because of its blood circulatory properties, it has been proven to increase blood flow to the penis. More blood flow means stronger lasting erections

Tribulus Terretris, popular herb among bodybuilder for it’s testosterone boosting properties, it can also heighten sexual interest and libido

Panax Ginseng root, one of the top performance boosting herb for sex and general wellness, it helps reduce anxiety to allow for alertness, endurance, concentration which leads to great performance in bed

Pomengrate, also used in Male Extra pill for it’s nitrates and polyphenols which helps boost nitric oxide tremendously for beyond normal energy levels

What i don’t like about Viasil

The pill can be hard to swallow and you may need to break it into two, 1 pill is ok to use as it is 850mg of pure sexual goodness


1. Focus is on building up energy levels for longer lasting pleasure

2. Contains Actiful which allows you to experience almost instant energy boost within a minute or two

3. Good for anxiety related sexual issues


1. Big hard to swallow pill compared to other pills

2. Comes in a pack of 10 tablets which is quite disappointing, although it could pass off as an equivalent of 20 425mg pills because of it’s enormous size

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VolumePills – Top Male Sex Pill For Massive Ejaculation

volume pill

For the man who wants to finish like a Porn Star

The second best 100% natural non-prescription semen volume pill like semenax that can help you enjoy the best sex of your life

To enjoy sex is to finish off with multiple orgasms and longer lasting ejaculation. VolumePills guarantees to help reach the height of pleasurable climax

Enjoy the following benefits now

  • Bigger, longer thicker erections
  • Up to 500% more cum with every orgasm
  • Boost in confidence with the opposite sex
  • Adult star performance level


Volume Pills also has other male enhancing qualities like

  • Increasing testosterone levels
  • Improving blood flow to your penis
  • Increasing libido
  • Invoking frequent sexual thoughts

Making Volume Pills an all round male enhancement supplement and not just a semen enhancer

Volume Pills is made using the following natural ingredients

Solidilin, which increases the sexual urges and sensual feelings of pleasure

Xi lan ro gui and Hong hua fen, to increase penis blood flow for harder and bigger erections

Ku Gua, tested and proven to increase testosterone levels needed for the production of semen

Trihydorxy flavone and Embilica Officinalis, for improving the health of your reproductive organs

San guo mu, to help you keep up pace and control during intercourse

Dong chong xia cao, also to help you get sexually motivated and for production of testosterone

Zinc Gluconate, for sexual vigor and semen production

Ling Zhi, for increased energy and sexual stamina

Xian Mao, an aphrodisiac alternative to Viagra

Tian men dong, to stop impotence in men

Drillizen, for testosterone boosting and improving erection quality

Fucus vesiculosus, for penis enhancement and sexual health

What i don’t like about Volume Pills

Maybe just two of the ingredients which sound chemical like, drillizen and solidilin, from further research i realized of them mimics tribulus terretris properties. Won’t it have been better to just use a known herb instead

Just my opinion, overall it’s a good formula and does what it says

  1. Made using cGMP compliant pharmaceuticals producer use to produce real life saving medicine
  2. Raw materials used are tested thoroughly before production
  3. Ready to show on request, certificate of analysis for any of the ingredients used to prove safety, freshness and potency
  4. Offers 67 days money back guarantee
  1. May require you to get another pill along with it, if you suffer from issues like erectile dysfunction or quick ejaculation as volume pill is geared towards enhancing semen
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Vigfx For Male Virility

vigfx for male virilty

For the man who wants to unleash his sexual monster

Vigfx is the intense version of Vigrx Plus the # 1 doctor recommended male enhancement supplement that has sold over 1.2 million boxes worldwide for over a decade

It is an all natural liquid gelcap of male power, imagine Vigrx Plus on steriods. Vigfx is Vigrx Plus formula with extended release to give you maximum fast virility with an awesome intensity

Vigfx offers exceptional absorption rates because it is a natural high octane powerhouse with Bioperine and enteric coating


According to the results from studies carried out by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt LTD, guys who took the vigfx formula reported a 71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction.

Likewise 68.82% where able to increase their ability to maintain an erection and 22.49% could increase the frequency and quality of their orgasms

Best of all, the company is giving out a bottle of 30 liquid gel caps for a 15 day trial for free to prove the potency of Vigfx, so get ready to enjoy wild action in bed as you get

  • Huge erections
  • More desire for sex
  • Unimaginable stamina
  • Faster recovery to continue
What i don’t like about Vigfx

May be to hardcore and your wife or girlfriend may not be able to handle you in bed because you would be so wild. With vigrx plus, you get so much power and vigor to go at it non-stop, now vigfx is twice as potent as vigrx plus because it’s the same formula turned up a notch.

Try to picture the effect of that!

  1. Free trial to test the claims of vigfx
  2. Can turn an average man to an alpha man in bed
  1. Maybe to hardcore for some men
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MagnaRx+ For Hardcore Male Performance

magna rx

For the man who wants to experience raw hardcore performance and sexual confidence

MagnaRx+ is a top male enhancement pill recommended by doctors as the easiest and fastest way to your satisfy your partner like never before

Backed by clinical authority figure, George Aguilar, MD, a board certified urologist who has successfully treated more than 20,000 patients with erectile dysfunction

A long old leader in penis enhancement that has helped over 1 million men worldwide become sexually active and better performers in bed


Guaranteed to give you the hardest and most powerful erections you have ever had in just a few short weeks. An experience she will never forget in her lifetime

Best of all, MagnaRx+ is one of the easiest pill to use, works faster and is very effective to

  • Naturally enhance your penis
  • Making your harder for longer sessions
  • Increase your self esteem and confidence levels
  • Make you enjoy sex and rock her world like never before

MagnaRx+ has been tested and proven to be a powerful 100% natural male enhancement formula after monitoring and evaluating the progress of 1,000 patients using the product for ten months under Dr. Aguilar’s supervision

MagnaRx+ is formulated using carefully selected high quality ingredients like

Pygeum Bark, a tested and proven herb for treating enlarged prostate symptoms, it also helps boost sex drive

Maca Root, one of the most popular herbs for both male and female used for boosting fertility and sexual health, it also increases libido

Horny Goat Weed, another popular Chinese herb for increasing sexual desire, stamina and energy levels

Oat Straw, nutrient dense herb that helps the heart pump better and improve blood flow for better erections

Oyster Meat, strong aphrodisiac, rich in zinc for sexual health and sperm production

Catuaba Bark, a popular amazonian herbs that increases sexual desire and performance by reducing fatigue and supporting the nervous system

Asian Ginseng, ancient Chinese herb used for sexual arousal and long lasting erections

L-Arginine, amino acid proven to increase sperm production, it also increases blood flow to the penis

Stinging nettle, like pygeum bark, also great for treating enlarged prostate symptoms, lowers blood pressure to give you more sexual drive and stamina

Muira Puama, another amazonia herb like catuaba bark, proven to increase sex drive, stamina and longer erections

Plus many other potent ingredients

What i don’t like about MagnaRx+

Maybe to be much for the body to happen, the formula consists of 16 potent herbs which are not your regular kitchen herbs. Using MagnaRx+ may make sex unbearable for her because of the aggressiveness and duration you may have

But if she’s into hardcore, long sessions then by all means go for it

  1. Powerful ingredients that is guaranteed to over deliver and turn you into a monster literally
  2. Formulated by a doctor who has been treating male sexual issues for decades
  1. You can be to much for her to handle in bed
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Vigrx Fertility Factor 5 – Healthy Sperm Production Supplement

vigrx fertility factor 5

For the man who wants to father a child

Vigrx Fertility factor 5 is an all natural, less intrusive way to boost male fertility in 3 months or less

This male enhancement supplement is for you if you want to

  • Increase sperm count & volume
  • Boost sperm motility & morphology
  • Improve male reproductive function


If you have been suffering from different factors that has made you unable to start a family you have always dreamt of, fertility factor 5
can help you

There is an esteemed Asian Journal of Andorology about a groundbreaking clinical trial you can read on their website, but in a nutshell it shows that

“Patients showed significant improvement in all semen parameters”

“There were significant documented improvements in sperm concentration and sperm morphology”

“Spontaneous pregnancies were achieved”

Vigrx Fertility Factor 5 is made from the following ingredients

Tongkat Ali, an herb which during a study showed that 100% of users saw significant increase in semen

Panax Ginseng, sometimes referred to as the king of all herbs has been tested and proven to boost libido, sexual performance and sperm production

Zinc, the ultimate sex mineral which plays a vital role in healthy sperm formation

Selenium, the essential mineral that mimics the role of a missing link for male fertility, studies have shown that man struggling with low sperm count or fertility issues lack sufficient selenium

Bioperine, the potent bio-availability herbs which boosts the properties of herbs used in a formula

What i don’t like about Vigrx Fertility Factor 5

There’s really isn’t much to like, it’s a single purpose supplement just for sperm nothing more. So if you are looking for a supplement that boosts sperm as well as performance etc, then this is not for you

But if you just want to boost sperm health and production, goes for this


1. Great formula for sperm, no additional unnecessary ingredients that can put a burden on your system

2. 67 days money back guarantee


1. Just for sperm function

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Vigrx Nitric Oxide – 100% Raw Sexual Performance

Vigrx Nitric Oxide - 100% Raw Sexual Performance

For the man who wants to experience 24 hour non stop sexual performance

It has never been this easy to produce strong, long lasting hard
erections faster

Boost your sexual performance with Nitric Oxide by getting

  • Stronger,long lasting erections
  • Surging sexual desire
  • Endless bedroom stamina
  • Increased 24-hour blood flow circulation


You can do this naturally with Vigrx Nitric Oxide

No need for

  • Prescriptions
  • Vacuums
  • Doctor visits
  • Pumps
  • Injections
  • Stimulants

And no unwanted side effects ever

Nitric Oxide helps relax blood vessels for improving blood flow and blood pressure

It’s like Wifi signal for connecting to rock hard solid erections

Vigrx Nitric Oxide is made up of just two ingredients which are

  1. L-Citrulline and
  2. L-Arginine

Both of which are in high doses in Vigrx Nitric Oxide, these two ingredients is precursor to nitric oxide

What i don’t like about Vigrx Nitric Oxide

It’s geared towards just boosting nitric oxide which is just a part of sexual performance and is especially great for me who are a bit healthy, but for men suffering from various factors which has led to low sex drive, they would need more than a nitric oxide boost


1. Great for that extra sexual performance boost


1. Just for nitric oxide

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Provacyl The Natural Andropause Formula

provacyl andropause supplement

For the man who wants to naturally boost his HGH and Testosterone levels

Provacyl is for men suffering from Andropause a symptom that affects men in the same way menopause affects women.

This is for you if you need a supplement to help

  • Fight male menopause
  • Boost testosterone
  • Increase HGH
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increase sex drive


The reality for men is that as they age their male hormones known as testosterone plummets until they reach andropause, a condition that has started to get the attention of the medical community

Research also shows that you can jump start your body’s ability to produce youthful levels of testosterone and HGH through supplements that include potent herbs, amino acids, nutrients and peptides

Provacyl contains a wide range of these ingredients like

Glutamine, which helps the body reduce stress levels, maintain muscle, increase energy and mental alertness

L-Glycine, which is a key stimulatory agent that helps in the secretion of HGH in the pituitary gland

L-Arginine, helps boost nitric oxide needed for better performance overall

L-Lysine, when taken with arginine helps boost immunity and improve genital function

Gaba, a powerful amino acid that is classified as a neurotransmitter, it stimulates the production of HGH

L-lysine, which is used by the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, a key hormone proven to reduce tiredness, depression, regulate growth and metabolism

Muira Puama, native of Amazon forest, helps deal with erectile dysfunction and boost libido

Gingko Biloba, scientifically proven to enhance memory and reduce the effects of dementia and Alzheimer

Magnesium, needed by the body to stay healthy, it regulates muscle and nerve functions. Also helps regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure, protein production, bone and DNA

Swedish Flower Pollen, a source of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes beneficial for energy

Acai Fruit, a super-food that contains higher concentration of antioxidants useful for fighting diseases and anti-aging

Ginseng, frequently used in most herbal formulas for strength and vitality

Soy Phosphate complex, helps liver function, reduce depression, sharpen memory. It helps you feel better overall

Hypothalamus, helps regulates your emotions, it regulates endocrine function and control body temperature

Tongkat ali, helps boost libido and testosterone in men, develop muscle mass

L-Pyroglutamate, amino acid that boosts cognitive skills

Anterior Pituitary, helps stimulate the pituitary gland to encourage the release of HGH.

DHEA, beneficial for heart health, boosts energy and for stress management

Vitamin D3, one of the 5 different forms of vitamin D, studies show that it can increase testosterone in men by up to 25%

Vitamin K2, has cardiovascular benefits and can help stabilize testosterone levels

Vitamin B6, studies shows it can help regulate testosterone and other steroid hormones

Zinc, the most important amino acid for male virility, and overall sexual performance

D-Aspartic Acid, helps the body release lutenizing hormone and HGH

What i dont’t like about Provacyl

There’s isn’t much to point out as an issue with this supplement. It is a well rounded product for men. Although i can comment on the use of soy extract in the formula because soy generally is not good for men

But i believe the addition of the other ingredients will over ride whatever negative effects the soy extract may have


1. Robust combination of vitamins, mineral and herbs


1. Use of soy extract

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