See the Spiritual Benefits Of Your Early Morning Urine

See the Spiritual Benefits Of Your Early Morning Urine – People actually looks down on somethings, which is quite understandable that it’s either because they don’t believe or they literally do not have any idea about it.


Now before we tell you some Powerful Uses of Urine you must know you need to first of Study Our TERMS OF SERVICE for you own benefit due to some positive occurrences you might experience while making use of this herbal remedy of your early morning Urine.



Early morning urine has many spiritual benefit for man kind, it only works for those that believe and practice it

See the Spiritual Benefits Of Your Early Morning Urine

1..You can use it to attract favor, by putting it inside your bathing water add 7 seeds of Alligator pepper seeds, add sea salt, pray your wish and use it to bath or wash your face, please do this before talking to anyone.

If you have any Spiritual sickness get your Early morning urine drink it and use the remaining to wash off that area. Not only will it cure you, it will also nourish your skin. Pray before doing that and don’t talk to anybody whilst doing so, Add it in your bathing water to chase away every Negativities.

If you want to boost your business use your early morning urine demand for customers, apply some on your face then use the remaining to sprinkle on your shop

All these should be applied Early morning from 12am to 5am for 7 days




1. Add children’s bath water for protection. Whoever want to hurt them will come through you first.

2. You can mop your house with your urine, added to water to make peace between you and your partner.

3. You can clean your hands with your urine when you are about to receive money from someone you don’t trust.

4. You can soak a locked padlock in your urine and then throw in a busy road with keys, once it is unlocked, your life will change.

5. You can wash your face with early morning urine to clean bad aura and open blessings.



6. You can drink your own urine to destroy the attack or curse upon your life.

7.  You can mix urine and fresh milk for opening dreams. Drink it and declare words unto it and see wonder.

8. You can mix ash, lemon and urine to remove stubborn pimples.

10. You can drink your urine to lessen/

neutralize the power of charms,  if you dream eating , drink urine and consult a Spiritualist. 

12. You can write whatever you wish on a paper, soak in urine for 3 days, dry the paper, burn it, mix the ash with holy ash then add to your lotion, you cannot smell of urine but good things will open for you. And the uses goes on and on.



Do you know that your urine is highly powerful for back to sender and protection?

Urinate inside your bathing water and make declarations i.e pray against evil projections and attack or evil veils covering you.

Take your bath and allow the water to dry on your body, don’t dry with towel.

If you know that you don’t have faith please don’t do it, it work for people who have faith. May God answer all your heart desires.

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