Natural Home Remedy to Reduce Your Chances of Getting Cancer

👌This is a good Remedy for Cancer prevention. It also works for beginning stage of Cancer and those already on cancer treatment can incorporate it with their Treatment for fast healing 🤝🤝🤝


Before you continue, it will be best to remind you that these are just our own findings, used with natural roots and herbs around us. We like to state Cleary that this is not a health advice and we do not offer health services. As stated in out terms of use, we only share these information for knowledge sake. Please always consult a professional and licensed health care giver.


👌Items you will need (several of them can be found at home or local markets):
👉Red Onion-(25gram) Just 1 Piece
👉Garlic-4 Or 5 Can be big or small
👉Yellow Lemon.


👉Boiled Water, then you pour the hot water inside a big container, slice the red onion and garlic inside the hot water and leave for 20 minute or more, then you squeeze the yellow lemon inside the water, immediately it will bring out two colour pink and red, then drink the water.


_You can sieve before drinking
_Drink one glass every morning for one week for prevention of cancer and for Treatment you drink for two months🙏🙏🙏🙏


Note: studies and life events have shown that some cancers are stubborn than other, while some are curable, it is worth mentioning that almost all forms of cancers can be prevented, or at least slowed down from progression. This article is one of the ways you can prepare simple home remedies that will help you detox your body and limit the chances of these unwanted growths in your body.


It is no way a healthcare advice, always enlist the services of a health care service provider.




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