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male extra pill

Male Extra
male extra pill

Male Extra is one of the best male enhancement pills for the ageless male, so even at 60 years old, you can still have hard erections like a 25 year old. With over 150,000 plus satisfied customers, you cannot go wrong using this male supplement to step up your bedroom game

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For over 9 years, Male Extra has been helping men all over the world get longer lasting erections by increasing penile blood supply and nitric oxide with no known side effects



Let’s look at how Male Extra can really help

Klinefelter Syndrome – Are you suffering from this?

Klinefelter syndrome is a condition that happens genetically in males born with an extra x chromosome,this syndrome isn’t inherited but usually occurs as a result of random error in male’s genetics after conception. 1

What does this really mean and how does it relate to male enhancement?

This means that men with this condition usually have absent, delayed or incomplete puberty. How this related to male enhancement is that the result of this syndrome is usually

  1. Small, firm testicles
  2. Small penis
  3. Gynecomastia (Enlarged breast tissue)

Studies also show that a wide majority of men with klinefelter syndrome are infertile and cannot have a child the usual way. But with the help of testoterone treatment this can be managed or remedied. Male Extra is a great testoterone booster, the key ingredient contains some phytoestrogen compounds that have sex steriod homrones which are almost the same to those in humans

Along with the other testoterone boosting ingredients this means Male Extra can help you

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Kickstart your puberty so you can grow a normal average penis size
  • Get rid of man boobs
  • Improve your sex life and performance levels
  • Increase stamina and intense orgasms
  1. Contains zinc  a very powerful testoterone booster, imagine the combination of zinc with pomegranate ellagic, how better can it get?
  2. Very good price point when compared to most male sex pills in the market, you can get somewhat 30 pills more in value than most
  3. Take advantage of the 100 days generous money back guarantee period
  4. May help you grow an inch longer penis size
  5. Can reduce fatigue levels
  1. Can still be improved on with some more hardcre ingredients for superior sexual performance results
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Is Male Extra one of the Best Penis Enlargement Pills like Vigrx Plus? Not necessarily, but unlike pills like

  • Elite Male Extra Vitality Complex
  • Casual Male XL
  • Extenze Pill

Male Extra is one of the most powerful male enhancement formula on the market for Erectile Dysfunction. It is made using safe and natural clinically proven ingredients that helps increase penile blood supply to allow you enjoy bigger, stronger and harder erections at will.

What factors are responsible for Male Extra’s Longer Erect All Night Sexual Performance? The combination of strong doses of

  1. L-Arginine HCL and
  2. Pomegranate 40% ellagic acid

These two ingredients are responsible for

  • Increasing your body’s nitric oxide to boost erectile function
  • Improving blood flow through your body to allow for bigger, harder, erect size of your penis

To conclude, increasing nitric oxide levels in your blood allows more blood flowto your penis and delivery of oxygen to it’s tissue. This results to harder erections that lasts longer for a more intense and great sex.


Male Extra contains no harmful ingredients and additive, and most of it’s ingredients can be graded excellent according to medication standards. Most of the ingredients according to nutrition experts are part of the recommended dietary intake like

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Gives the substantial boost needed to intesify blood flow allowing Male Extra product significantly improve your ability to sex and maintain an erection


A popular Traditional Chinese Medicine herb used for increasing libido and erectile function. This fungus has been discovered to have two subcomponents, deoxyadenosine and cordyapic acid which studies claim has a direct effect on the part of the brain that controls sexual desire. Now with Male Extra this means you can turn on your sex drive at will


Another essential body mineral which plays a key role in the production of testoterone. Testoterone levels can destroy your libido, your confidence, make you fatigue at all times and more. To combat this, you need to increase your zinc intake.


An Amino Acid crucial for the blocking of the conversion of histidine into histamine hormone. This is important because blocking histamine prevents early ejaculation. This helps you enjoy longer sex sessions with your partner. You can practically get out of the 1 min -5 mins man zone into the 15 mins – 30 mins zone. How’s that?

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

An organic form of sulphur that supports blood flow and cell and tissue health. Lack of MSM can cause your cells to become weak leaving your body without the ability to build strong and healthy new ones. Why is this Male Extra? To help assist the growth of healthy new flexible cells that can accumulate more blood flow to help you get bigger, stronger erections

Male Extra Pills Dosage

Take a max of three pills daily.

You can spread them evenly between breakfast, dinner and lunch, meaning one pill before or after breakfast, another one pill before or after lunch and same one before or after dinner

Are Male Extra Results Permanent?

Unlike other Male Enhancement Pills which are formulated to correct or reverse sexual disorders or problems, Male Extra is specifically formulated to boost blood flow to your penis for better, long lasting erections and also to increase your libido, so you would only experience these effects while you use Male Extra

So, No Male Extra results are not permanent because it is based on performance not treatment

Where can you Buy Male Extra?

Walgreens, Ebay, Amazon, GNC? Well to avoid knockoffs, it’s advisable to buy or order Male Extra directly from the manufacturers website plus you get discrete shipping and a whooping 100 days moneyback guarantee for one bottle trial. So win win for you.

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