Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Human Growth Hormone?...

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intermittent fasting hgh production

Contrary to what the mainstream media may want you to believe regarding 6 small meals throughout the day to maintain muscle mass, it has been researched and documented that fasting aids in the protection and building of muscle mass due to the release of human growth hormone

We are going to learn about some fascinating research that proves that intermittent fasting increases human growth hormone which aids in muscle growth

Before going into the research, let’s establish the fact that your body uses carbohydrates, fats and protein (muscle) for energy in that order. This is fundamental to human biology

The body’s first source of energy is carbohydrates, when that is depleted after several hours of fasting, it begins to burn fat for energy and then under extreme cases when there’s absolutely no more fats to burn it will break down protein from muscle

But as long as there is any fat present in the body, the body will use that first without moving to any muscle whatsoever

In 1982, a study was published of a single patient who underwent a 40 days fast for religious purposes. 1

The researchers measured numerous metabolic markers over the 40 days and found a slight decrease in blood pressure, a noticeable decrease in blood sugar levels from 96 to 56, a significant drop in insulin from 13.5 to 2.91 which is almost 80%

But most interestingly, a 1250% increase in human growth hormone from 0.73 initially to a peak of 9.86, also interestingly even with a shorter 5 day fast, HGH has been recorded to increase up to 300%


More Proof

Another study done in 1988 showed similar results, during feeding there’s an increase in glucose which directly suppresses human growth hormone

The data is very clear that fasting is a great stimulus for the secretion of HGH and this research shows a 5 fold increase in human growth hormone in response to a 2 day fast

HGH is very crucial in maintenance of lean mass for both muscles and bones, the idea that fasting decreases muscle mass is simply not true and there is good proof that the complete opposite is true

Through an evolutionary lens, imagine living in the pre-civilized times, in the summer time there is plenty of food available, we eat lots of food and store an abundance of excess energy

Now when its winter and there’s not much food available, why will your body burn precious muscle when there’s an abundance of stored fats, that will be the most idiotic evolutionary design

An analogy for this is used by Dr Jason Fung where he says, imagine you pack firewood for a wood burning oven but when its time to start up the oven, you chop up your sofa instead and throw that into the oven instead of all this firewood that you have gathered and stored

Nature isn’t that stupid and the next time someone tries to make an argument that fasting burns muscle mass explain the firewood analogy and point them to this article

The idea of eating 6 small meals a day to build muscle mass was birthed in the bodybuilding industry, where this unnatural 200 plus man doped up on steroids where constantly eating to get their body weight up

This simply doesn’t apply to the natural man or woman who are trying to get in shape and build lean muscle mass.

So for the natural person fasting actually works as a double lining where your body is using excess body fat for energy and increasing the secretion of HGH to preserve and build lean muscle mass


HGH & Anti-Aging

It is important to note that HGH has an anti aging property as well, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by Dr Rodman found that older men who were given human growth hormone saw improved muscle mass, increased body fat and better bone density

These are things you can naturally access while being in a fasting state, in a study conducted in 1989 220 subjects received growth hormone and 227 control subject who did not

2/3rd of the subjects were men with an average age of 69, typical volunteer was overweight but not obese

The dosage varied considerably and the duration of the therapy ranged from 2 to 52 weeks

The study found that compared to the subjects who did not get the growth hormone , individuals who received the growth hormone gained an average of 4.6 pounds of lean body mass while shedding a similar amount of fat and there were no significant changes in LDL or HDL cholesterol

The study was done to test the effect of growth hormone on the body, now imagine using intermittent fasting as a tool to naturally increase growth hormone which allows you to get all the benefits discussed here

It is important to note that just like many other hormones, HGH levels decrease as a person gets older, which is often why refereed to as the anti aging hormone as the research by Dr Rodman discussed earlier

It clearly shows that HGH increases lean muscle mass and overall dexterity in the body


Further Proof

Furthermore, another article states that human growth hormone stimulates growth by directly targeting the tissues instead of targeting the endocrine glands which further aids in maintaining a balanced carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism

This article also states that a decrease in hair and nail growth along with collagen deficiency and wrinkly skin are all associated with the decrease in human growth hormone as seen in the older population

Metabolic effects of declining HGH levels include

  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Reduced thyroid function

Even Osteopenia may result from a decrease in HGH which is associated with bone loss

However, Growth hormone can also add indirectly to the synthesis of insulin like growth factor 1 also known as IGF1 in liver and target tissues

IGF1 exerts its growth hormone effects in a wide range of tissues leading to bone and muscle growth. Besides promoting growth and metabolism, Growth hormone has a significant effect on the brain as well

For example, Growth Hormone treatments can

  • Enhance cognitive functions
  • Provide neuroprotection
  • Increase neurogenesis

In the past the ice bucket challenge has shed some light on ALS, which is a devastating neurological disease characterized by progressive degeneration of the upper and lower motor neurons

Currently there are no treatments available to slow down this disease, growth hormone insufficiency has been noted in ALS, therefore replacement of growth hormone has recently been reported in treatment of ALS

By this point, you should understand how fasting can be used to naturally produce human growth hormone in the body

Source: Info Central

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