Home Remedy on How to Set Yourself Free From Typhoid

Typhoid has taken a lot of lives unknowingly, though some people have decided to take drips and injections which we’re not against that, but the issue is that at the end , the Sickness called typhoid is still there while some get halfly treated, not fully treated. No matter ho much and how far you have tried to get rid of it and it insists, Now we’re here to help you with the easiest home remedy for Typhoid.

Don’t get it twisted or mixed with any other drugs while you follow this procedure. Just try as much as you can to Study OUR TERMS OF USE before you make use any home remedy we listed below. Watch Out and see how it will work like magic for you. Forget about drips and injections.

Drink this mixture for one week and you will shit out what is in your stomach that has been disturbing you.


* Sardine oil

* Guinness drink

* Get like four sardine and four small Guinness.

In the morning open one sardine and turn half of the oil in it into a class, add half Guinness into  the class also, stir and drink 

* Keep the remaining sardine oil and Guinness in the fridge and it the evening you finish it.

* Do that continuously for one week.

^^ You can eat your sardine fish because what is needed in the Treatment is the oil.

That stubborn typhoid that has been disturbing you will come out through your excreta and you will see it for yourself.

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