Herbs & Tips to Boost Human Growth Bodybuilding...

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herbs and tips to boost HGH Bodybuilding

Human growth hormone is important for body mass, strength and performance, but how can you naturally boost your production of human growth hormone

In this article, we will look at 4 key herbs and also some tips and tricks to give you the keys to naturally boost your growth hormone

So if you want to learn about herbs and natural growth hormone, read on

Growth Hormone Gut

You may have heard about the Growth Hormone Gut, and it’s an extremely large belly in body builders and this tends to be caused or associated with growth hormone abuse when injected

The reason why some body builders go through the trouble of injecting hormone in their body is because Growth Hormone can help

  • Build muscle mass
  • Boost metabolism and
  • Help burn fat

All of which are key things for bodybuilder, but this hormone is produced by the body naturally which is secreted in the pituitary gland, at different stages of our lives, different levels of GH are secreted

For example, in children a lot more HGH is secreted helping aid growth and muscular development. This secretion increases and peaks around puberty after which it starts to decline with age

This gradual decline tends to happen around the age of 30 and this is the same with testosterone, both growth hormone and testosterone are anabolic hormones that play a big role in

  • Protein synthesis and
  • Muscle development

It is also said that testosterone enhances the production of growth hormone which is something you may want to bear in mind

What is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, its a very key hormone for men and women

So much so that the industry for HGH supplements is predicted to be worth over $5 billion in 2026 1, its a growing market because a lot of people are now seeing the importance of this hormone

That’s why articles like this are very important, but before we talk about the herbs, lets look at somethings you can do right now to slow
down your growth hormone decline and potentially help you boost it

5 Things you can do Right now to Boost Growth Hormone


The first thing you can do right now is to start fasting , there’s 2 types of fasting, you can do intermittent fasting or you can do longer
time fasting like 24-48 hours

Fasting has been called the secret of anti aging, it’s been shown that fasting can help increase the length of of thalamine, this acts as
aging clock of every cell

Studies show that fasting enhance the growth hormone secretion and amplifies the complex rhythm of growth hormone secretion, studies also suggest that, GH can activate tourmaline, this is active in the regeneration of tissues to slow aging 2


The second thing you can do right now is monitoring your diet, food plays an important part in boosting Growth Hormone production.

For example, eating refined carbohydrates that spike the blood sugar that leads to an insulin response has been associated with reduced growth hormone levels

So be mindful of the amount of sugar, that you eat throughout the day, but also it’s important for growth hormone to be mindful of the time of the day that you eat

A study suggests that you shouldn’t eat foods 2 before bed, this is because blood sugar spikes and insulin response can have an effect on
the amount of melatonin and growth hormone released during your sleep 3

Another thing you can do right now in terms of food is to eat foods that are nutrient dense, foods high in melatonin, foods high in amino acids like casein, arginine, vitamin B, C and good fats

These are all essential to optimal growth hormone production


This is a big key activity for human growth hormone, key compound movements like dead-lifts and squats at high intensity has been shown to have a positive effect on growth hormone

Its also shown that exercise in general is good for HGH

Weight Loss

The fourth thing you can do right now is to work on your body composition, as with testosterone, a key thing to boost both Growth
hormone and testosterone is to work on your body fat percentage

Recent studies show that lowering body fats help boost HGH production and studies also show that those whose GH levels have declined faster than average due to their weight once they lose this weight, their growth hormone returns back to normal 4

In summary, be sure not to store fats especially around the belly area, work on it, eat well, exercise and your body will thank you


The last and important thing is sleep, but how much should you sleep? It is recommended that you get between 7 and half to 8 hours daily. This is because studies suggest that growth hormone production happens in pulses
throughout the night

So the first pulse happens within the first hour of you falling asleep, after that it happens every 3 hours. This is really where the growth
hormone gets secreted

So if you are not getting enough sleep you are really doing yourself a disservice, get adequate amount of sleep and your body will thank you

For those struggling to lose weight, the key component missing for them could be sleep

Symptoms of Low Growth Hormone

Some include

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Hair loss
  • Love handles or fat around the belly
  • Decrease in sexual function and desire
  • Decreased muscle mass and strength
  • All these could be key symptoms of low growth hormone

Herbs to Boost Growth Hormone

Tribulus Terrestris

Studies suggest that using this herb results in the stimulation of growth hormone secretion from the anterior of the pituitary gland

It was shown in a study that it helps stimulate the pituitary gland which is important for secretion of HGH, its worth knowing that GH is controlled by a set of complex hormones produced in the hypothalamus 5

The steroid saponins in the tribulus tend to bind with the receptors within pituitary of the brain helping the body balance hormones

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Ginkgo Biloba

Studies show that ginkgo can have a positive effect on growth hormone regulation and its worth knowing that growth hormone is also in the brain

A research carried out in rats shows that ginkgo has a positive effect on growth hormone, so this may show promise


Early studies show that this vegetable may stimulate the release of growth hormone and could also help boost energy levels, both key things as a bodybuilder and as an athlete

One study conducted in rats in 2008 showed that rats feed fenugreek, stimulated growth hormone release in their pituitary gland 6

Oolong Tea

Key research suggests that this herb contains phenol that can boost the secretion of growth hormones and this may show promise

In summary, growth hormone is a key hormone for muscle, strength and size

Source: Paul Otote

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