Best Human Growth Hormone Supplements Available on the Market Today

Hypergh14xGenf20 PlusSerovital HGH
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best hgh supplements

What is the Best Legal HGH Supplement on the Market?

The best HGH pill available for sale over the counter today is Genf20 Plus because it is formulated with the best clinically tested and proven growth hormone ingredients packed in enteric coated tablets for better absorption in the body and oral spray for maximum benefit

Want to Look Younger & Feel Stronger? Genf20 Plus can help you


“When i was your age i could” is never a statement you want or status quo to accept, but we all age and become less of what we usedto be be. But that shouldn’t be the case, if you study the Asian people & culture you wou realize that their lifestyle and food choices actually make them live long and younf as possible

Hey! you could hardly tell the difference between a mother and daughter in Japan or China for instance.

How is this possible? Through the concept of human growth hormone, a doubled edged concept which acts as both an anti-aging and growth agent. It’s very interesting because for endocrinologist like Andrew Schally who spent his whole life balancing hormones in the body could say that for older people growth hormones works to reduce the effect of aging, while for your younge people it helps restart growth especially for those who have passed the puberty age

Now let’s review some of the the best human growth hormone supplements available on the market today

HGH Supplement Benefits

Now you can enjoy the benefits of HGH without having to spend a fortune, without any health risk and injections. In time past, only wealthy elites had access to enjoy HGH benefits by getting doctor prescription injections or synthetic HGH or somatrophin at huge ridiculous costs of tens of thousands of dollars annually

Also, the travel expenses incured to travel to locations where there where qualified HGH medical professionals was an added cost. This put HGH therapy out of the reach of the average person you and i

But thanks to leading healthcare companies who have spent their time and resources to research and develop HGH pills and products like Genf20 Plus, Hypergh14x and serovital, you can now enjoy the following benefits

  • Increased energy and strength
  • Faster recovery from the stress of a hectic lifestyle
  • Look and feel much more younger
  • Get better muscle tone in your arms, legs and mid section without eating differently or working out
  • Enjoy increased mental focus
  • Sleep better
  • High physical and professional performance
  • Drop body fat, look leaner while eating the same
  • Better looking skin for women
  • Overcome menopausal symptoms
  • Enjoy a life of fun and activities anytime

HGH Supplement Reviews

Somatotropin supplements are growth hormone preparations which mimics the natural production of hgh. Likewise recombinant human growth hormone or somatropin is a protein created just like the naturally occuring growth hormone levels in the body

We have the

  • Pituitary growth hormone (GH1) which is a peptide hormone produced by the anteror lobe of the pituitary gland which activated the growth of basically all tissues of the body plus the bone.(1) (put soure in reference below)
  • Placental growth hormone (GH2) a product of the GH-V gene categorically found in the syncytiotrophoblast layer of the human placenta. The placental growth hormone is different from the pituiary growth hormone by 13 amino acids and it has high somatogenic and low lactogenic activities. (2)
The pituitary growth hormone (GH1) is the focus here, we are interested in increasing the natural levels of growth hormones in our bodies, so using any of these supplements reviewed here will help you
  1. Reactivate and stimulate tissue growth & height growth
  2. Increase protein,carbohydrate, lipid and mineal metabolism or absorption rate

Here are the best HGH supplements reviewed and ranked according to their human growth hormone function & benefits

Genf20 Plus – Best Legal HGH Releaser on the Market

genf20 plus hgh supplement
The # 1 doctor recommended natural hgh booster with enteric coated tablets and oral spray to help you look and feel better in as little as 3 weeks.

Wholeheartedly recommended by Dr Steven Lamm, (MD) to any man or woman who wants to increase their natural HGH levels and improve their overall health life

Genf20 Plus is one of the best HGH supplements on the market which has gone through the most rigorous clinical trials and recent results show that Genf20 Plus is able to increase IGF 1 levels by 28% after just 12 weeks of use

Genf20 Plus simply does a great job of helping the body release its own HGH as it contains higher doses of the best scientifically proven ingredients that actually work


Why Genf20 Plus is one of the best HGH supplement or product available today

Genf20 Plus is formulated using a patent combination of nutrients, peptides and amino acids which have been clinically prepared and integrated into a triple advantage system of

  1. Daily supplement
  2. Oral Spray
  3. Enteric absorption system
Genf20 Plus Human Growth Hormone Ingredients

Each enteric HGH tablet includes a combination of 16 potent ingredients which have been individually tested & proven to release into the body, the HGH factors needed to boost your body’s natural HGH levels and they include


L-Arginine (130mg) proven by studies to double your HGH levels no matter your age. 2


L-Glutamine (115mg) proven to boost your body’s immune system, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce the risks of arthritis, diabetes, heart diseases etc


L-Glycine (100mg), which stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone. 3


L-Lysine (100mg), which when combined with L-Arginine can 10x your growth hormone levels compared to taking L-Arginine alone


L-Tyrosine (100mg), great for thyroid health, it produces thyroxine which studies show that it can help reduce fatigue and eliminate depression. Furthmore it can regulate metabolism and boost growth. 4


Astragalus root extract (60mg), known for it’s immune boosting function in western herbal medicine


Deer Anthler Velvet (50mg), rich natural source of chondroitin, collagen and glucosamine, deer anthler also has male and female hormones, insulin-like growth factor (GF 1)


Gaba (50mg), also refered to as Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid, discovered in the 80’s in Berlin as a potent amino acid that neurotransmits, helping nerve impulses communicate better. 5


Colostrum (50mg), a form of milk produced by the mammals mammary gland during late pregnancy and a few days after given birth. It contains IGF-1 which is a product of HGH essential for the anti-aging effects of human growth hormone. 6


L-Valine (40mg) another amino acid which is a branded chain acid in abundance inside the muscles. The body cannot produce it hence the need for dietary supplements or foods rich in this amino acid


What i don’t like about Genf20 Plus

To be honest at this point, there’s really nothing i can say wrong about Genf2, maybe the price of $82.99 may be a little steep, but when you consider the value you get from the proven formula plus the results you stand to get, it’s a winner

  1. A great HGH product or supplement for height, bodybuilding, weight loss, athletes and anti-agine
  2. Offers a 3 advantage system of daily supplement, oral spray with Alpha CPC and enteric absorption tablets
  3. Good price for the triple advantage value
  4. A better natural alternative to human growth hormone injections
  1. None i can think of
Ready To Look & Feel Younger? Get Genf20 PlusNow!!!

Hypergh14x – Best Natural HGH Supplement for Bodybuilding

hypergh14x hgh supplement
The # 1 Pure Legal HGH Booster for Men proven to be a GH Boost for Massive Gains of Lean Muscle in Bodybuilding.

Hypergh14x shares the same rigorous clinical trials and expert recommendations as Genf20 Plus but with an added advantage for bodybuilders.

You don’t need to buy injectable HGH or use steriods for bodybuilding, you can still enjoy the anabolic effects of steriods without any possible side effects using natural HGH supplements like Hypergh14x

If you are looking for the best HGH to take for bodybuilding, Hypergh14x is the best, produced and distributed by the same team behind Genf20 Plus the best HGH releaser


Hypergh14x has almost the same formula with Genf20 Plus and also comes in a triple advantage system of

  1. Daily pills
  2. Oral HGH spray
  3. Enteric tablet absorption system

But what makes Hypergh14x different fron Genf20 Plus is the addition of other extra ingredients which is specifically targeted to bodybuilding, one of which is

Terretris Tribulus Popularly used in most male enhancement supplements as a libido booster or to treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or quick ejaculation as well as for male fertility. 7

Studies show that territris tribulus works as a testoterone booster and can be used by men who want to be physically active as well as male athletes. It has also been discovered that the consumption of terretris with other pharmacologial ingredients increases testoterone levels making it a good addition to hypergh14x for bodybuilding

The more testoterone, the more potential for muscle gains, quick recovery and more strength


What i don’t like about Hypergh14x

A great human growth hormone supplement for bodybuilding but to me just a slightly modified Genf20 Plus, i strongly believe Genf20 Plus can still do the same job of enhancing bodybuilding for men.

But if you want something a little extra for bodybuilding, Hypergh14x is a great choice then

  1. Great for men who want to grow lean muscle or muscle growth as well as enjoy overall health
  2. Surprisingly a bit cheaper than Genf20, despite the extra ingredients added for body building
  1. Glorified Genf20 alternative, sounds like the company just said, let’s add a few ingredients to our already successful Genf20 Plus and call it Hypergh14x and target the bodybuilders
Ready For Some Massive Muscle Gains? Get Hypergh14xNow!!!

Serovital HGH Supplement for Anti-Aging

serovital hgh supplement
The # 1 best HGH supplement for women that works for wrinkle reduction, decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, stronger bones, improved mood, heightened sex drive and making you look and feel decades younger (not years younger).

Serovital HGH can increase growth hormone levels by up to 628% and it is a clinially tested human growth hormone secretagogue.

A maximum strength formula for peak growth hormone levels associated with youthful looking skin integrity, lean musculature, elevated energy production and adipose tissue distribution

Serovital has been clinically validated and backed by patents as a supplement that reverses the signs of aging.


America’s # 1 Anti-Aging Therapy, the strength of science, the power of youth which contains a mix of

  • L-lysine
  • L-Arginine
  • Oxo-proline
  • N-acetyl-lysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder
What i don’t like about Serovital

Although one of the best HGH brands in America, it’s a bit on the back burner compared to Genf20 Plus and Hypergh14x which have advanced to the level of using oral HGH sprays to further enhance their brand’s effectiveness

  1. Awesome anti-aging supplement for women who want to look beautiful and feel younger effortlessly
  2. Very fewer ingredient combination compared to the other two gh supplements reviewed
  3. Simple is always better, serovital is basic enough to be tolerated by all body system type no matter how sensitive they may be
  1. No oral spray like the other two HGH products
  2. More expensive than the other two but less powerful
Ready To Look beautiful  Younger? Get Serovital Now!!!

HGH Supplement Spray

HGH oral spray is one of the latest cutting edge discoveries in the science of growth hormone releasers. Oral sprays are formulated to contain a supplementary blend of ingredients like the clinically tested and proven GH boster Alpha GPC to complement the effectiveness of GH supplements.

Genf20 Plus and Hypergh14x both have oral sprays as part of their triple advantage system of increasing the natural production of HGH in the body. Genf20 Plus and Hypergh14x Alpha oral spray helps you

  • Increase the secretion of HGH by the anterior pituitary
  • Boost the production of other hormones by the anterior pituitary
  • Improve your mental focus and cognitive function
  • Increase your endurance training and strength performance during workouts
  • Improve the removal of fat from the liver
  • Make better use of vitamin B12, B6, SAMe and folic acid

Some ingredients used in the formulation of Genf20 Plus and Hypergh14x oral spray include

Verdict – Which HGH Supplement is Best for you?

The best HGH supplement available on the market today without prescription is Genf20 Plus because it is a comprehensive formula that covers everything you need in increasing your natural HGH levels and improvement in your overall health

But if you want something more dedicated to bodybuilding then Hypergh14x is the solid choice, bodybuilders swear by territris tribulus and it’s included in Hypergh14x

If you are more into beauty and looking younger, for my beautiful women, serovital is your knight and shinning armour

HGH Supplement Results

Here are some of the links to the clinical trials and results

  1. Genf20 Plus
  2. hypergh14x 

HGH Supplements Frequently Asked Questions

Are HGH supplements safe?

Yes, the best HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus and Serovital are safe because they are made using natural ingredients in the form of plant and herb extracts

What do HGH pills do?

HGH pills activates the growth of tissues in the body and the bones also

Can HGH make you taller?

Yes, if you are still at your puberty age and unlikely if you have passed the puberty age, although HGH may still help a little if you use with some height exercises

How much does HGH cost?

HGH costs from like $20 for the average ones to $90 for the premium supplements

Is HGH a steroid?

No HGH is not a steroid, HGH covers not only the muscles in the body but other physiologic processes like slowing down the effects of aging, better looking skin, recovery from traumatic injuries, cell regeneration and growth while Steroids primarily deals with the development of the muscle mass, tone and strength

Does HGH burn fat?

Yes, HGH burns fat by stimulating metabolic processes in the body’s cell to activate metabolism

Does HGH make you look younger?

Yes, HGH makes you look younger by reducing wrinkles, tightening saggy skin, decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass

How much HGH should i take?

You should take HGH as prescribed on the pack by the manufacturer or as directed by your physician. Ultimately before taking HGH you should consult your doctor to avoid serious health issues which can be triggered

How long does HGH take to start working?

Depending on the state of your health, if you are in top shape, HGH should start working within a week or two

How can i stimulate HGH?

You can stimulate HGH by adjusting your diet, cutting off sugar, reducing carbs, eating more vegetables, fruits, sleeping better, exercising and reducing stress to a minimum

Does HGH stop aging?

Not really, HGH can only reduce the effects of aging

To Good Health

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Alternative Health Consultant


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