The 3 Best Supplements For Brain Health

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best brain enhancement supplements

What is the Best Brain Supplement on the Market?

The best brain supplement on the market today is BrainPill because it contains a combination of the best vitamins, minerals and fish oil extract for brain memory, concerntration and cognitive skills

Do you want to be Smart? BrainPill can help


Top neurologist like Ben Carson, Paul Kalanithi, Majid Samii and Jacques Brotchi for decases have successfully been able to diagonize and treat disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and nervous system using science an prescription pills

Today the research and development of herbal medicine is slowly eradicating the need for prescription drugs which most often times have one to many side effects.

For simple functions such as

  1. Improving cognitive skills
  2. Enhancing memory
  3. Inceasing focus

Herbal extracts and vitamins have proven to be much more effective and safer. You are going to discover the best brain pills available over the counter or can be bought online today

Are you looking for the best brain supplements for

  • Seniors or adults
  • Studying
  • Memory or concerntration
  • Students
  • Brain fog
  • Focus and clarity

Wondering if Elon Musk uses brain pills or you recently came across Joe Rogan alpha brain review or have you been studying alpha brain waves? Perhaps you stumbled on this page while searching for the best nootropics for social anxiety.

Then this complete guide to brain health supplements is for you.

Why You Need Brain Supplements

  1. Do you suffer from psychomotor tiredness associated with depression?
  2. Do you constantly battle with directionless train of thoughts?
  3. Are you not able to get much done no matter how hard you try?
  4. Do you suffer from post-lunch grogginess?
  5. Have you been battling with ADHD for long?
  6. Are your emotions spiraling out of control?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and want to improve the quality of your life ASAP! Then these brain pills will help you tremendously

Brain Booster Reviews

There are lots of brain boosting supplements available today but not all are created equally, do a quick search today and you would likely come across

  • Prevagen memory supplement
  • Prixelin memory drug review
  • Lumutra
  • Brainol
  • BrainPill
  • Noocube
  • Neuro ignite
  • Mindlab pro review
  • Bacopa monnleri stack
  • Lions mane and L-theanine
  • Vital brain booster

And the list goes on and on. How then do you know which to choose? The brain products reviewed here have been choosen based on

  1. Formula
  2. Clinical trials
  3. Quality of ingredients (Natural, no sythentic, non-prescription grade ingredients)
  4. Essential brain vitamins and minerals
  5. Best fish oil extracts

BrainPill – The Best Brain Power Supplement

brainpil best brain supplement
For the Success Driven Entrepreneur, High Powered Executive, Serious Peak Performers and the Average Joe looking for a Competitive Advantage.

The #1 brain enhancement pill highly recommended by world renowed author and surgeon Dave E. David (link to david e david profile)

BrainPill gives you the unfair advantage according to Ken Jennings of seatle popularly kwona as Jeopardy James who holds the “Jeopardy” record for the most consecutive games won (74) and the highest winnings in regular season play of $2,520,00 according to the show’s hall of fame. Source

BrainPill is the best for superior mental performance because, it’s the only nootropic supplement that has gone through rigorous clinicalstudies on it’s formula to prove that it increases the ability to Learn, Focus and Concerntrate
(Click here to view clinical study)


What makes BrainPill a brain power supplement? It is loaded with 13 powerful nootropics broken down into

  1. 4 Vitamins
  2. 6 Minerals
  3. 1 Fish oul omega-3 fat
  4. 2 Herbs
Vitamins for Brain Fog


Vitamin B12, highly needed by the brain, bt the body does not produce it, studies show that lack B12 either through diet or supplementation will lead to brain related issues like cognitive difficulties. BrainPill contains the right amount for Peak Brain Performance. 1


Vitamin B6, known as an essential vitamin for the central nervous system, like B12 the body also doesn’t produce it, that’s why it is included in BrainPill in the right proportion. Studies carried out by the American Journal of Clinial Nutrition claim that, people who participated that had high amounts of B6 scored higher on two measures of memory function.


Vitamin B5, also known as Panthothenic Acid has been used by thousands of people who struggle to stay focused, B5 is also essential in producing energy at cellular level. BrainPill combines it with other B-vitamins to support healthly brain function


Vitamin B9, also called folic acid is a very important for the formation of red blood cells and brain enhancement according to the British Dietetic Association (BDA). Studies slowly shows that folic acid may be able to help brains age healthier with lesser risk of memory loss. 3


Minerals for Memory


Vinpocetine, powerful brain food which is only available as a prescription drug in Germany. It has been proven to increase blood flow to the brain which helps improve memory and cognitive skills. Not suitable for pregnant women or women who want to concieve. 4


Huperzine A, the widely used ingredient in most nootropic formula, an extract of the Chinese Herb Huperzia Serrata. Huperzine A has been rigorously tested and clinically prove to improve memory. 5


L-Theanine, an amino acid common in tea, it triggers the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. Great nootropic for improving memory and focus, if you want to reduce errors in a test, take L-theanine.6


Phosphatidylserine (PS), an ingredient that helps to maintain cellular function in the brain, thus making it great for improving focus, learning skills and memory. Studies show that it can help both older folks with cognitive prolems and adolescents with ADHD, a great addition to the BrainPill formula. 7


Tyrosine, one of the best well researched nootropic, proven times without number as a congitive function enhancer, memory performance booster even in peple who are sleep deprived


Citicoline cognizin, although used in prescription drugs since the 1970’s as a nootropic and psycho-stimulant, a special extract of citicoline is now available in non-prescription form. Citicoline is for maxing out your brains potential. 8

These 6 minerals for memory boosting makes it a good memory booster for demential and seniors who naturally have declining cognitive abilities so you can stay sharp and alert no matter your age


Best Fish Oil for Memory


DHA, an omega 3 fat extract proven to support the brain and neurological functions, excellent for memory boosting and improvement of thinking skills. Studies show that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in DHA can help promote healthy brain cells thereby meaning less brain detoriation according to doctor Scot Mcgunnis of Havard Medical School. 9


Best Herbs for Brain Fog & Memory Loss


Ginkgo Biloba, best known blood circulation herb to the brain and other parts of the body, used as a cognitive enhancer for thousands of years and has recently been proven by the cochrane collaboration (the world’s most respected scientific reviewer of clinical trials in medicine) as a safe brain enhancer


Bacopa Monnieri (Synapsa), used in Traditional Indian Medicine as an intelligent and memory booster for thousands of years, history shows that Hindi students relied heavily on drinking Bacopa leaf tea to help them memorize huge portions of vedic texts. 10

Synapsa is a potent patented extract from Bacopa which has been proven to be one of the best memory enhancing drugs for students and a best brain supplement for studying that can be used by anyone, no matter the age

Ready To Become Smart? Learn More About BrainPill Now!!!

Noocube The Best Nootropic Supplement

noocube best brain supplement
For Those Who Want to Achieve Unlimited Creativity Focus and Flow.

Upgrade your brain today, in as little as 30 mins you can enter into the realm of pure creativity and enhanced focus just like in the TV show limitless, but not the super power genius abilities. Am sure you know it’s just a show, wake up to reality

Formulated by neuroscientists using the most natural potent and safest ingredients which have been rigorously tested and proven to improve cognitive and memory function

No caffiene or stimulants added, non-GMO compliant, created from the ground up with efficacy and safety as top priority

Many of the ingredients used in this nootropic pill have been tested and evaluated as potential treatment for degenerating brain diseases like alzhiemers and dementia.

Although caffiene is the most common nootropic ingredient in the world, it is not part 0of noocube’s formula why? Yes caffiene is a powerful stimulant that can keep you alert, but the reality is that, it really does not put you in a productive frame of mind, plus it leaves you anxious, jittery with a after crash effect


Noocube consumer reports

So what makes noocube great at boosting productivity, focus and alertness?

7 well researched and tested ingredients which are

Alpha GPC (Alpha Glcerylphosphonylcholine) proven to increase the level of acetycholine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter that triggers messages between brain cells for learning function, learning abilities and improved focus. 11

A 2013 study on alzheimers patients given alpha GPC thrice daily for 3 months showed steady improvements in thinking function test outcomes compared to those taking a placebo who saw no improvements.

Another study on people with dementia who were given this same ingredient showed a strong improvement in psychometric tests after 2 months


Huperzine A, an ingredient extracted from the chinese club moss plant is simila to Alpha GPC in breaking down acetylcholinesterase to acetylcholine for improved mental clarity, concerntration and memory


Cat’s claw, an amazonian rainforest herb believed to have neuroprotective benefits, is rich in antioxidants that can help boost brain health and thinking abilities. Research shows that cat claw can be used as a potential remedy against parkinson disease. 12


Bacopa Monnier, a common ingredient in most if not all nootropic supplements contains bacogides which have been studied and proven to repair damaged neurons and promote the renegeration of nerves.

A 2008 study showed that a 12 weeks use of Bacopa resulted in increased scores on a number of cognitive tests in elderly participants


Oat straw, also refered to as Avena Sativa has been used since the middle aged in folk medicine as a brain booster. Oat straw is a nervine that works by increasing the amount of alpha-2 waves in the brain, which can make you very active while awake L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine, both amino acids which stimulate neurotransmitters in the brain and also helps produce dopamine and noradrenaline, these two help relieve stress, create a calm but alert feel and help boost alertness and focus especially in stressful situations. 13


What i don’t like about Noocube

Although a well researched and developed nootropic pill, i still feel more could have been added especially vitamins B5, B12 and B6

  1. Good price point at $39
  2. Fast acting, it takes just 2 capsules and as little as 30 mins to experience the effects
  3. Formulated by top medical professionals
  4. Clinically backed ingredients
  1. Basic compared to the BrainPill formula
Ready To Buy? Upgrade Your Brain With Noocube Now!!!

NeuroIgnite – Top Selling Brain Supplement on Amazon

neuroignite best brain supplement
For those who want Clarity, Focus and Memory.

Top Amazon’s choice for brain food with over 3000 customer reviews and ratings

Havasu Nutrition’s Neuro Ignite is the best mental performance nootropic with st johns wort that supports brain function in both men and women

This fast acting brain supplement has been clinically formulated with ginkgo biloba, st john wort and other brain food ingredients to help boost

  1. Mental performance
  2. Energy levels
  3. Life up your mood


neuroignite consumer report

Neuro Ignite is a mood booster supplement that is caffiene free, no other stimulants added as well to give you an alert and focused vibe all day without the jitters or caffiene crash

Formulated in the USA under a FDA registered facility using good manufacturing practice standards and a third party tested specialist panel

A once a day dose of Neuro Ignite will keep you in a positive mood, help you stay focused and energized all day long with no side effects at all

Neuro Ignite is made using premium quality ingredients from herbs which have been studied clinically and proven to support mental performance as well as focus and concerntration. The include

  1. 300mg of bacopa monnier
  2. 130mg of st johns wort
  3. 50mg of ginkgo biloba
  4. Phosphatidylserine
  5. Huperzine A
  6. Acetyl-L-Carnitine
What i don’t like about NeuroIgnite

There’s really not much not to like about this product other than its simplicity like Noocube which really isn’t a bad thing to be honest. It caters towards the lower class and students which is great because that’s a huge market

  1. Very affordable at $20.94 especially for students
  2. Contains the necessary ingredients needed fr overall brain healthand performance
  3. Manufactured in USA using best practices
  4. Amazon’s choice with lots of customer reviews
  1. Can be expensive when you consider that it’s 30 pills, Noocube is $39 for 60 pills so 2 bottles of Neuro Ignite will cost you $41.88 which is $2.88 more than Noocube
Ready To Buy? Check It Out On Amazon Now!!!

Verdict – Which Brain Enhancement is Best for you?

The best brain supplement available over the counter in the market today is BrainPill, because it has been formulated with 13 Nootropics (Vitmains, Minerals,Herbs and Fish Oil Extract) for total brain health. Furthermore it is the only pill of the 3 reviewed that has vitamins and fish ou extract DHA in it’s formula.

So if you want the total experience of

  • Eliminating brain fog
  • Combating mental fatigue
  • Protecting and bolstering your memory
  • Igniting rapid memory recalls
  • Sustaining cognitive energy
  • Improving learning abilities

Then BrainPill is the best option to choose

The best cheap smart pill is Noocube, next runner up to BrainPill, not as comphrensive or advanced as BrainPill but it can help you boost your cognitive and memory function for almost half the price

So if you want to experience results close to BrainPill on a budget, then Noocube is the smart choice for you

The best brain booster supplement you can buy for less today on Amazon is Neuro Ignite by Havasu nutrition, although similarly clode to Noocube in formula, it is still a bit basic and less superior but a bit higher in value when you consider that it’s 30 pills for $20.94, while Noocube is 60 pills for $39.

So getting 60 pills of Neuro Ignite is $41.88, so if you looking for a no frills brain supplement to try out right away then add Neuro Ignite to your amazon shopping cart now

Consumer Reports – What Happy Users are saying!!!

What are consumers really saying about these brain enhancement pills?


noocube consumer reports noocube consumer reports noocube consumer reports


neuroignite consumer report neuroignite consumer report neuroignite consumer report

Best Brain Enhancement Frequently Asked Question

What is the best vitamin for memory and focus?

The best vitamin for memory and focus is vitamin B12, also vitamin B6, B5 and B9 are also good and are included in the BrainPill supplement formula

What drinks are good for your brain?

Good drinks for your brain include water because your brain is 75% water, green tea due to L-theanine present in it, peppermint tea because it calms the brain. Others include hot dark chocolate, berry smoothies, cinnamon and tumeric tea

Is there a pill to enhance your brain?

Yes, there’s a pill to enhance your brain which is called BrainPill, formulated using 13 nootropic ingredients that have been clinically tested and proven to enhance brain functions. The pill includes 4 vitamins, 6 minerals, 2 herbs and 1 fish oil extract

What is the no 1 food that fights dementia?

The no 1 food that fights dementia is a medditerian rich diet

What is a genius pill?

A genius pill is a stimulant called modafinil which is sold under the name provigil, modafinil is an alertness promoting agent which has been hailed as the genius pill

What helps brain fog fast?

L-theanine and tyrosine used in BrainPil and Noocube helps eliminate brain fog fast

How can i increase my concerntration and focus naturally?

You can increase your concerntration and focus naturally by getting enough sleep or rest and by practising mindfulness and meditions

To Good Health

Tosin Folarin
Alternative Health Consultant


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