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Top Overactive Bladder Pills That Helps Reduce Occasional or Frequent Urinary Incontinence 1 Top Overactive Bladder Pills That Helps Reduce Occasional or Frequent Urinary Incontinence 2 Top Overactive Bladder Pills That Helps Reduce Occasional or Frequent Urinary Incontinence 3
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best bladder control pills

Is There an Over The Counter Medication for Overactive Bladder?

Yes, there is an over the counter medication for overactive bladded called Confitrol24 Bladder Control 60 Vegetarian Dietary Supplement which is clinically proven to help you regain control of occassional leakages and urges to go for toilet trips. Confitrol24 also helps Tone the Bladder and support Urinary Tract Health.

Regain Control Now With Confitrol24!

Other notable over the counter bladder control pills are Azo Bladder Control Pills and Terry Naturally Sagapro Bladder Health Dietary Supplement

Urinary Incontinence – What You Need to Know & Types

Urinary Incontinence happens because you do not have the ability to control when you want to urinate or not, in other words your bladder leaks, so urine just comes out and it can be quite embarrasing. This is a common problem with many people so do not be ashamed really.

But in order to choose the right medication you need to know what type of urinary incontinence you have. Is it

Stress Incontinence which happens when you have put to much pressure on your bladder due to your physical activities like sex, exercising, sneezing or other strenous activities.


When this happens it means your bladder muscles and tissues which is the pelvic floor muscles is weak. It can also result from a weak urinary sphincter, that is the muscles that control urine release

Urge Incontinence which happens when you suddenly want to pee and it most times leaks before you get to the restroom. This is a symptom of an overactive bladder.


If you experience this, it means the muscles in your bladder is sending a message to your brain to notify it that the bladder is full when in actual fact it isn’t, thereby causing the bladder to contract to give you the feeling that urine must pass out.

Another way to spot this is if you urinate more 8 times a day and have to get up twice or more in the night time


Overactive Bladder Natural Remedies

Here is Bladder Control Medication List which i believe are good but not without their side effects

  • Oxybutynin
  • Enablex
  • Vesicare
  • Detrol

Then there are Anticholinergic drugs which may also be very dangerous for seniors. There also studies to show that capsaicin and resiniferatoxin can be used to treat overactive bladder 1

For overactive bladder treatment there are natural remedies you can use which works better than prescription medicines. Also some drugs may induce urinary incontinence, one of such are antidepressants which cause urinary retention. This most times increase urinary frequency leading to urge incontinence by overwhelming the bladder’s capacity

Whats more, you can get rid of symptoms which a Neuromodulation therapy used in Urology clinics for overactive bladders would help you with

Some of the best over the counter medicine for overactive bladder include

Confitrol24 Women’s Best Bladder Control Supplement

The #1 over the counter medication to stop frequent urination for women but can also be used by men.


Made with 100% herbal ingredients and a synergisitic clinically tested and proven blend to guarantee great results

2018 Nutra Ingredients USA Award Finalist, this natural bladder control pill is the best there is right not to treat overactive bladder leaks to reduce frequent bathroom trips as well


Is Overactive Bladder Treatment really possible without Prolapse Surgery?


Prolapse surgery is a surgery that can be done for the pelvic organ to repair the bladder or urethra. Confitrol24’s unique and patent formula can help tone and strengthen the muscles on the pelvic floor and sphincter, therby by creating an artificial urinary sphincter like effect to help support your weak urinary sphincter.

The formula also works from the inside out to increase the production of collagen and strengthen the tissues

The unique formula of Confitrol24 is a blend of Traditional Chinese Herbal, Indian Ayurvedic and Western Medicine to give you exactly what is needed to strengthen and tone all internal tissues in your body. They inclide


Raw Horsetail Consists of a thiaminase-like enzyme which breaks down thiamine also known as vitamin B1 in the body


Cratevox, A specialized extract of craveta nurvala known to help enhance bladder tone


Linodera Aggregata Great for it’s anti-aging bladder health and anti-bacterial properties against urinary tract infections


What i don’t like about Confitrol24

Nothing much i can say wrong about this supplement, but perhaps maybe just about it being relatively new in the market, but the clinical trials and ingredients are rock solid, making it the best contender in the bladder health supplement market


Put Your Bladder Under Control With Confitrol24!!!
  1. Targets and strengthens the bladder and tissues surrounding it
  2. Great bladder drug for healthy urination
  3. A good incontinence drug that tones the bladder and improves bladder frequency and control
  1. New entrant compared to the others but still a best contender

Azo Bladder Control Pills With Go Less

Azo Bladder Control Pill
One of the best medicines to help control occassional bladder issues to reduce the urge to go to the bathroom

Azo pills also comes in a variety that helps with diet management, if you are dealing with occassional bladder control issues and weight managemement, its for you

Azo bladder control pill is a safe bladder drug free supplement created to help support bladder tissues and muscles to reduce the urge to go on bathroom trips when you sneeze, laugh or exercise

If you are tired of waking up in the middle of the night for toilet trips then Azo pills is for you


Azo pill is a natural blend formula that can help you go less and worry less about bathroom trips both during the day and at night. The formula is derived and extracted from a blend of


Pumpkin Seed, which helps support the bladder control mechanism by maintaining and toning the urinary sphincter muscles to allow normal function


Soy Germ, which supports a healthy bladder control through the sustainance of the bladder muscles and pelvic floor

Using this great bladder control pill can allow you experience the full benefits of a healthy bladder in as little as 2 weeks, although our body systems respond differently, some quicker and other slower. So give it up to 6 weeks to experience desired results


Azo bladder pills side effects

Are there any really? From research done so far, i have not come across any documented reports of side effects from the use of Azo Bladder Control Pills

  1. Good for you if you make frequent bathroom trips both during the day and at night
  2. Can save you the embarrasment of occassional leaks from laughing, sneezing or exercising
  3. Can help you stop getting used to bathroom trips
  4. 100% natural bladder control pill
  1. None
Want to Go Less on Bathroom Trips?

Terry Natural Sagapro Bladder Health

Sagapro Bladder Health
Amazon’s choice for bladder health, strength and support for men and women

Terrypro will help you with a healthy bladder function to give you confidence to be on the go always

From Terry Lemerond, founder and president of Terry Naturally products, a man with a vision and mission of improcving the health of America one person at a time

Clinically tried and proven to support a healthy bladder function as well as improve sleep patterns

Formulated with emphasis on the highest quality standards in line with good manufacturing practices (cGMP) by the FDA




Terry Natural Sagapro holds the answer to Bladder Health

Sagapro contains a proprietary extract of


Angelica Archangelica leaves from plants from Iceland. This clinically studied herb is shown to support bladder strength and urinary tract function and is suitable for both men and women

Unlike Saw Palmetto, Sagapro is for more than just Prostate health, it contains key elements that support the smooth muscles tissue of the bladder


What i don’t like about Sagapro

Yes, simple is always best, but from experience, a blend of more than one ingredient is always the best solution. Am not explictly implying that Sagapro or any other product makde from just one ingredient is ineffective. I would prefer a more than one ingredient product personally


Improve Your Bladder Health Now With Sagapro

Best Bladder Control Pills Frequently Asked Questions

How do you strengthen a weak bladder?

A good way to strengthen the bladder is by doing kegel exercises, this is done by squeezing the muscles of the pelvic floor. You can also look at some tai methods for strengthening the various organs of the body

What medication is used to relax the bladder?

Medications like Detrol LA, Ditropan, Enablex and Oxytrol are used to relax the bladder, but we would recommend you use herbal remedies like Confitrol24, Azo pills or Sagapro Bladder health supplements

What is a frequent urination a sign of?

Frequent urination could be a sign of an overactive bladder, urinary tract infection, kidney or ureter problem.

To Good Health

Tosin Folarin
Alternative Health Consultant


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