About 1Hey! I’m Tosin

I want to share a bit of how i got here.

Am sure you must have seen somewhere on this site where it says am an Alternative Health Consultant! Well i didn’t start out as one,i stumbled upon it.

I actually have a degree in Business Management from the University of Sunderland and some skills in Digital Marketing which have been doing for over 10 years

But really, how did i end up as an Alternative Health Consultant

Well before now, i use to suffer from gastrointestinal disorder, something i discovered very late in life and made my life a living hell because had no clue what that mean’t and was never diagnosied for it, all i was ever told by the doctors was avoid some certain types of food.

As a child i had a surgery on my stomach, i know this because of the incision i have till date, but what i didn’t know was that the surgery messed with my digestive system a bit and the doctors didn’t educate my parents enough on the implications, i was a baby then, heck the doctors couldn’t have told me

So, most of my life i practically lived with nausea from almost all foods i ate irrespective to the point i thought to myself am i not supposed to eat anything at all.

Then i resulted to the use of herbs, i practically researched every known herb just to find that one herb or solution i feel would cure my unknown problem, came across and used lots of herb, some of which were great and gave temporary relief. But the truth is i never quite understood what i was dealing it

Then i came across a friend who was also a health practitioner in the UK, we got talking and he introduced me to the healthcare company he worked with. I got to learn first hand about a lots when it came to the use of herbs and thats when my Alternative Health Consultancy Journey began

Oh! In the end i got to discover that i had digestive system disorder issues, so i began to deal with it and i felt much more better over the years, but it’s a thing to manage because of the surgery that affected some of my organs. But am fine now really!

Here are 3 herbs i use for the management of my digestive system

  1. Marshmallow Roots
  2. Slippery elm bark
  3. Licorice root

Occasionally i add yarrow to the mix or Asparagus racemous

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Whatsapp: +2349057180349

Email: yourherbalremedy@gmail.com

To Good Health

Tosin Folarin
Alternative Health Consultant


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